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Stretch Marks Pracaxi Oil 30ml


 Stretch Marks Pracaxi Oil 50ml

Powerful healing. It effectively treats stretch marks, indicated for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Naturaly uniforms, moisturizes and nourishes skin. Used on hair contributes to the closure of the cuticles, acting as a natural silicone, sealing and protecting the threads from any oxidative factors. Excellent for curly hair, with superior results that of an argan oil. Obtained from the pracaxi (pentaclethra macroloba) seed, an abundant tree in the Amazon region. Rich in beenic acid and oleic acid (omega 9). Ingredients: Pentaclethra macroloba Seed Oil.Usage: put a few drops on the fingers and spread on the skin or hair.

– Products extracted by riparian communities in the Brazilian Amazon with sustainable management and hand-wrapped in Alter do Chão.

– Biodegradable. Vegan . 0% Synthetic

Cruelty-free. Slowbeauty. Animal-friendly

– Natural ingredients may vary in color and consistency.

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Stretch Marks Pracaxi Oil 30ml

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