Healing Copaiba Resin 30ml


 Healing Copaiba Resin  30ml

It is one of the most well-known bioactives in the Amazon region, due to the plurality of many natural phenomenal properties. Used for gastritis, fever, menstrual cramps. Indicated to control acne and oiliness of the skin. Efficient for dandruff, seborrhea and hair loss. Excellent for stopping bleeding and expectorant. Obtained from the cortex of the copaíba tree (copaifera spp), through rational extraction. Ingredients: Copaifera Officinalis. Usage: drip a few drops on the fingers and pass on the affected region. For menstrual cramps, take a teaspoon of coffee at the time of pain. For acidity of the stomach, just take 2 drops, it can be with water. For cough, pass on the chest. For dandruff, pass on the scalp

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