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Hair Nutriente – Amazon Chesnut oil 30ml


Hair Nutriente  Amazon Chesnut oil 50ml

This one of a kind natural oil that is suitable for hair and body care. It is known to be among very few oils that have uniquely high natural antioxidant properties. Moisturizes and nourishes skin and hair. Ideal for damaged hair, suitable for a weekly capillary moisturizing (put the oil on the hair and leave on for as long as possible, from 2 to 24 hours, wash afterwards). Derived from the nut of the chestnut tree (bertholletia excels), abundant tree in the Amazon region. It is rich in fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E and selenium. Ingredients: Betholletia Excelsa Nut Oil. Usage: put a few drops on the fingers and apply in place, either skin or hair

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Hair Nutriente  – Amazon Chesnut oil 30ml

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