Cupuaçu Shampoo 120ml

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Cupuaçu Shampoo 120ml

This shampoo is a superb naturally gentle cleanser that provides an extraordinary moisture and natural nourishment for any type of hair. Indicated for dandruff and seborrhea. It makes an abundant foam that is easily and pleasantly washed.

Ingredients: saponified virgin oil of Brazil nuts (castanha do Pará ),cupuaçu butter, passion fruit oil(maracujá oil ),babassu, essential oils of eucalyptus and lemon, essential oils of orange, litsea cubeba and mint. No sulfates and no parabens.

Ideal for the Low-Poo capillary wash method. No sulfates and no parabens. Usage: put amount, equal to that of a 25 cent coin in the palm of the hand, apply to wet hair, massage and rinse. No need to use conditioner, recommended to follow with murumuru butter or castanha de Pará oil (small amount, without rinsing)

* Biodegradable. Vegan . 0% Synthetic

   Cruelty-free. Slowbeauty. Animal-friendly

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