Cupuaçu Moisturizing Butter 30g


Cupuaçu Moisturizing Butter 30g

Naturaly and instantly prevents premature aging at any stage , due to it’s rare and a highly potent consistence of various antioxidant properties. attenuates movements of free radicals with no harm to skin or hair . Moisturizes and nourishes both skin and hair within depth. Prevents appearance of new expression lines, heals existing wrinkles, scars, spots, attentively treats dark circles under eyes and whitens blemishes on upper levels of skin. It is a great solution for foot cracks and wound healing. Obtained from the seed of the cupuaçuzeiro (theobroma grandiflorum), tree native to the Amazon region and belonging to the same genus of cacao. Rich in phytosterols, such as beta-sitosterol, and in fatty acids, such as behenic, linoleic (omega 6), oleic (omega 9) and stearic. Usage: take tiny portion, rub on the fingers and pass on the skin of the face, lips, hands, feet or whole body.

absorbs instantly into skin.

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