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Clay bar shampoo 100g


Shampoo clay bar 100g

Very practical and eco friendly product that can treat  dandruff and seborrhea.

Regulates the excessive oiliness of the scalp, apart from remineralizing it substantially nourishes skin without drying. Ideal for the Low-Poo capillary wash method. Contains no sulfates or parabens.

Ingredients: palm saponified oils, amazon nuts (castanha do Pará), babassu coconut and pracaxi, saponified virgin butters of cupuaçu and murumuru, white clay, green clay, lemon, essential oils of lemon and citronella.

Usage: apply on wet hair, massage and rinse. Attention: in the first 4 weeks of using a synthetic 0% shampoo, the chemical residues and toxins of any previously used products are eliminated. During this period of adaptation, the hair may become oily or static. After the detox you will feel the difference. Vegan product made from organic vegetable oils, with the first cold pressing. Keep in a dry and cool place, avoiding continuous exposure to the sun. Prefer soap dispensers with a hole to drain moisture.

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Dimensions 6 × 3 × 11 cm
Clay bar shampoo 100g

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