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Bacuri Moisturizing Butter 30g


Bacuri Moisturizing Butter 30g

Naturaly stimulates production of a collagen.

It is ultraefficient in fighting skin’s disorders such as acne, and miraculously softens scars, gradually healing skin with immediate results that can not be obtained by no other product. It is a highly efficient antioxidant. Among various beneficial properties it is known for abundant nourishment, moisturizing and providing a golden, sun kissed tone to the skin. Can also be used as a makeup. It controls hyper pigmentation as it inhibits melanin biosynthesis, thus it gradually reduces pigment spots visibility and later leading to full removal of such from the skin. Naturaly rebuilds hair fiber, due to the presence of amino acids.

Extracted from the bacuri (platonia insignis) seed, it is rich in palmitic and oleic acids (omega 9), vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C and amino acids such as lysine, threonine and methionine. Usage: take a small portion, rub on the fingers and rub on the skin. Attention: stain the clothes. Absorbs instantly into skin.

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Bacuri Moisturizing Butter 30g

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