Aluminum Free Deodorant 30g


Aluminum Free Deodorant 30g

Finest quality product that gently protects skin for a long time, keeping it well hydrated and sublimely scented.

Does not cause any harm to skin’s balance nor surface. Has a very delicate texture that is very easy for usage and a truly bewitching scent that resembles a fine perfume.

Fights bacteria that cause odour and allows natural transpiration and liberation of toxins. Does not make arm pits darker nor leave stains on clothes . Does not include perfume. Does not include alcohol , nor aluminium. Contains starch of macaxeira (apple tree), bicarbonate of sodium, virgin butter of cupuaçu, copaíba resin , virgin oil of babassu, essential oils of melaleuca (tea trea) and rosemary. Usage: after the bath, apply a portion equal to that of a grain of rice on the wet armpits. Or sprinkle some water to amount you would like to apply, this will make it easier to spread.

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Weight 180 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm