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About Ekilibre Amazon

Ekilibre Amazônia was born from the reflection on our daily choices. It was in the year 2011.

After a long trip to the American continent, for more than ten countries, Kairos Kanavarro decided to develop natural cosmetics and personal hygiene products that are high quality, ethically produced, represent Brazilian cultural identity and do not harm human health, nor the environment.

Thus, arrived at Alter do Chão, Pará, Brazil, a village located on the banks of the Tapajós river, immersed in the Amazon forest and composed, predominantly, by indigenous descendants. There, the production of Ekilibre Amazônia is developed, artisanal.

The products are made of local raw material and labor, so that they do not contaminate the soil, the water tables and the rivers. They are biodegradable. All bioactives, such as buriti oil, cupuaçu butter, açaí oil, andiroba oil and copaiba resin, are extracted from the Amazon forest by riverine communities in a sustainable manner:

Extraction of Açaí Oil Ekilibre Amazon

All of our products are free of dyes, artificial fragrances and potentially toxic synthetic compounds, such as parabens and petroleum derivatives.

We do not perform animal tests. Our products are, all of them, animal-friendly and cruelty-free.
100% vegan.

Ekilibre aims to maximize all the possibilities of the Amazon forest, offering it to all who want to know it in its entirety, and we do it in an ethical, ecologically appropriate and socially responsible way.

We present ourselves as an option to those who seek a cosmetic that is both effective and at the same time truly natural.

Be welcome!

Want to know more, follow us at instagram
@ekilibreamazonia or at Youtube Channel “Ekilibre Amazônia”

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